Claudia Negri Ribalta

Claudia Negri-Ribalta

PhD candidate in data protection and requirement engineering

Activist and member of OptIA


I'm an interdisciplinary researcher and activist, studying the intersection of data protection/privacy (broadly), computer science, requirement engineering, security (broadly), and regulatory bodies. Currently, I'm finishing my PhD at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in Computer Science, specifically in requirement engineering, with an expected defense date by June/July 2023. I hold a Ms.C (distinction and honors) in Interactive Digital Media from Trinity College Dublin and a professional degree (5 years diploma) in Political Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

I'm researching new technologies' requirements for data protection and socio-technical challenges. My thesis in particular, takes an interdisciplinary and user-centered point of view on requirements, taking special consideration of regulation.

My CV is available in this link .

More about me

I'm also interested in OSINT, intelligence and security studies, however it isn't my current area of research. Recently I have started researching about responsible information systems. Currently, I'm TA'ing an introduction to programming (Python), blockchain tech, and assisting in the requirement engineering class at Paris 1. I'm also giving blockchain classes and data protection in other universities.

As part of my PhD program, I'm currently participating in the Scholars Programme from the Europaeumm, which is two-years intensive trainning programme on policy and leadership.

I'm an active member of civil society, participating in different NGOs, particularly OptIA. OptIA is a South American NGO focused on algorithmic accountability, transparency, and inclusion. I've collaborated with various institutional bodies of different countries on topics relating to technology, presented in academic conferences, and given general public talks about technology/privacy in: radio shows, webinars, non-academic conferences, presentations to governmental bodies, and others. I was selected (somehow) as 100 young leader of Chile in 2022 (100 jóvenes líderes) You can find if I'll be participating in future events down below [given that I'm writing my manuscript, I don't forsee many public engagement in the near future]. Sometimes I give online courses about blockchain or other tech for a very low price in Spanish (you can check if there is an upcoming class at this link or )

I'm an amateur photographer. In my spare time I like to drink coffee, listen to jazz, do sports (bouldering if I can) and, travel. I also really enjoy City Pop and French touch... Currently based in Paris, however I'm a nomad.

Contact info

You can contact me at claudia-sofia[point]negri-ribalta[at]univ-paris1[point]fr or at csnegri[at]uc[point]cl. I also try to answer Twitter (@csnegri) or Mastodon ( Please bear in mind I receive a lot of emails a day, so sometimes some of them get lost in my inbox. If this is the case, SPAM me.

Latest publications

Upcoming events

None for the moment, I'm finalizing my manuscript for my PhD defense and therefore, I have declined most of the public engagement until January 2023